About us

On this website we will be telling you about the UNITED FOR AFRICA campaign, its goals, actions, prominent supporters and partners, and also about the work and projects of participating aid organisations.

UNITED FOR AFRICA is an alliance consisting of 22 humanitarian and development organisations. The variety of the aid organisations taking part in the campaign also reflects the wide variety of aid projects in Africa: the organisations within UNITED FOR AFRICA offer professional and long-term aid for people in need in more than 5,000 aid projects. The projects extend from granting of microcredits through health and education projects up to agricultural development programmes.

UNITED FOR AFRICA would like to draw attention to both the suffering and the potential of people in Africa and to motivate politics and society to commit more strongly to the fight against hunger and poverty. The campaign was started in 2003 and was accorded the „Nobel Prize for Humanity“ in 2005.